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September 14, 2019


Research study on young adult hoarding seeking participants



September 10, 2019


MYCOHP/ COH Inc. was recently contacted by a writer working on a story about the challenges faced by kids and teens growing up in hoarded homes. She is seeking TEENS to interview. If you would like to share your experience, please write to her at:


She plans to use first names only in the story, if that is your preference.  Interested teens can correspond with her, or speak on the telephone.  She will not publish anything you say without making sure she has your permission first.   


Your story matters.  You can help others by participating and helping this article reach the public.  Thank you for your courage in coming forward.  


Please share!!


Here is an example of how you might expect your identity/privacy to be handled:

What it is like to be out as LGBTQ at school


Here are examples of personal stories she has told: 



Here is the writer’s full portfolio


Please contact her at: