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About COH, Inc.


  • COH Inc. is a is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 2006 by children of hoarding parents.



Vision and Mission

The COH Inc. vision is to improve the lives of children from hoarded homes.  Our mission is to E.A.S.E. the challenges COHPs face by: 

  • EDUCATING and raising public awareness about impacts of hoarding on children and families.

  • ADVOCATING for resources to address the needs of COHPs.

  • SUPPORTING COHPs with practical tools & information to improve their daily lives.

  • ENGAGING & collaborating with all affected by hoarding for a better future.



The Mycohp Initiative for Tweens, Teens, and Students


The MyCOHP Initiative of COH, Inc. was launched in 2018 to serve the interests of Minor and Youth Children of Hoarding Parents. We seek to illuminate the difficulties children may face when parents have hoarding disorder, to promote awareness, interventions, and resources tailored to the needs of minors.  Existing resources have arisen to serve the needs of individuals with HD and adult children.  Mycohp is dedicated to the interests of children less able to advocate for themselves.

The first project created by the initiative is the MyCOHP Online Peer Support Group for Minors and Youth, launched in late 2018.  The Voices of COHPs project launched shortly afterward in 2019.

The MyCOHP Initiative Team:

  • Claudia Schaler, PhD, Director, MyCOHP Initiative, COH, Inc.

  • Barbara Allen, Author of “Nice Children Stolen from Car”

  • Joseph Cerro, Board Member, COH, Inc.

  • Tammi Moses, Hoarding Intervention Strategist, Homes are for Living, LLC

  • Melissa Roznak, MyCOHP Volunteer

  • Bec Belofsky Shuer, Co-founder, Mutual Support Consulting


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